Saturday, September 18, 2010

sailor moon: One In The Hand

Zirconia asks Nehelenia for more power and the Quartet appears. They get the idea that they're supposed to take over for Zirconia, but they get tied up in spider webs and their energy is taken and given to Zirconia. She thanks Nehelenia for the wonderful new energy. Nehelenia says to make sure to finish them this time. The Quartet wonders what she means, Nehelenia says that they're power is the perfect energy to support the Dead Moon.Sailor Moon tries to free them and Zirconia tries to blast the other soldiers. Mercury finds out that the energy is being taken through their stones, and they have to destroy them. VesVes says they can't, the Amazon Stones are the crystals of their dreams. If they break them, they'll grow up and not be able to use magic. Sailor Moon says that truly beautiful dreams won't be destroyed, once you've become an adult. Zirconia says that adults don't dream and blasts Sailor Moon.CereCere starts to pluck her flowers and it says that she should destroy the ball. JunJun says that her fortune-telling is always wrong and they destroy the stones. The Quartet is freed and they say that they won't follow Zirconia anymore. Zirconia leaves and the Quartet tells the soldiers that she stays at the end of this path
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