Monday, February 28, 2011

bot master: the duel

Blitzy, the younger sister of the main charater (Z.Z.), gets captured after scouting for some enemy Botz (robots). We see her later shackled on the inside of a cage and wearing a unique metal (retractable) gag. Her tough girl attitude does well for the scene too with plenty of struggling.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

totally spies: Physics 101 Much?"

Captured by the gravity manipulating Major Snell who is bitter about
having been abandoned in space for 20 years the girls are tied to the
three rockets of the satellite he's launching to bombard the earth
with his anti gravity beam. Evidentally the rockets have great
insulation so no heat reaches the spies or the ropes so neither
burns but the G-forces and lack of air are sure to be lethal. Sam's
able to bend so that her ropes get the full brunt of the air friction
and burn through. Once she falls free she activates her jet pack and
flies back to free Alex who then frees Clover.
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totally spies: Forward To The Past

Having travelled back to 1975 the spies are caught by
one of young Jerry's prototype WOOHP gadgets, an 8
track tapeplayer that fires a tape reel that binds
them back to back by wrapping them from waist to
chest. Once Jerry's left BG, the disco crazed time
traveller, hauls them up to dangle below a giant disco
ball then explains his evil plan to rewrite history
before lowering them to suffocate in the world's
thickest shag rug carpet. Fortunately Alex grabbed
Jerry's mini nuke mood ring though her attempt to cut
them free slices the rope they're dangling from and
drops them into the carpet. Luckily she's able to
blast the carpet from the inside and explode it which
looks a bit painful but is survivable
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Monday, September 20, 2010

monster rancher: my name is pixie

Holly and friend are briefly wrapped up with gel from some sort of green
slime monsters, pinning her arms together and covering her
mouth, until pixie and big blue show up
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

sailor moon: One In The Hand

Zirconia asks Nehelenia for more power and the Quartet appears. They get the idea that they're supposed to take over for Zirconia, but they get tied up in spider webs and their energy is taken and given to Zirconia. She thanks Nehelenia for the wonderful new energy. Nehelenia says to make sure to finish them this time. The Quartet wonders what she means, Nehelenia says that they're power is the perfect energy to support the Dead Moon.Sailor Moon tries to free them and Zirconia tries to blast the other soldiers. Mercury finds out that the energy is being taken through their stones, and they have to destroy them. VesVes says they can't, the Amazon Stones are the crystals of their dreams. If they break them, they'll grow up and not be able to use magic. Sailor Moon says that truly beautiful dreams won't be destroyed, once you've become an adult. Zirconia says that adults don't dream and blasts Sailor Moon.CereCere starts to pluck her flowers and it says that she should destroy the ball. JunJun says that her fortune-telling is always wrong and they destroy the stones. The Quartet is freed and they say that they won't follow Zirconia anymore. Zirconia leaves and the Quartet tells the soldiers that she stays at the end of this path
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

martin mystery: Zombie Island

Searching for the missing Diana on Fantastic Island
(guess what they're parodying) Martin and Java find
her and a young couple who went missing at the start
of the show bound by wrists and ankles to X shaped
crosses on a ledge overlooking the beach. From left
to right it's Diana, then the guy, then his fiancee.
Anyway on the beach zombie high priest Mr. Roach is
transforming the last normal maid of the resort into a
zombie with the fluid created by the sea monster
Hexon. Diana tells him she won't be transformed so
easily but Roach says the three of them aren't there
to be transformed as it's Hexon's dinner time. Before
Hexon can chow down Martin reaches the ledge while
Java fights off the zombies and unties Diana. Hexon
throws the zombifying fluid at them but Martin
deflects it with the Q-Watch shield but while it
protects them the other captives are unprotected and
splashed. Still tied to the crosses they transform
before Martin and Diana can free them. While our
heroes run the other zombies untie the zombified
couple who join them in hunting the escapees but it
all ends happily with Martin figuring out how to
change everybody back to normal.
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