Wednesday, September 22, 2010

totally spies: Forward To The Past

Having travelled back to 1975 the spies are caught by
one of young Jerry's prototype WOOHP gadgets, an 8
track tapeplayer that fires a tape reel that binds
them back to back by wrapping them from waist to
chest. Once Jerry's left BG, the disco crazed time
traveller, hauls them up to dangle below a giant disco
ball then explains his evil plan to rewrite history
before lowering them to suffocate in the world's
thickest shag rug carpet. Fortunately Alex grabbed
Jerry's mini nuke mood ring though her attempt to cut
them free slices the rope they're dangling from and
drops them into the carpet. Luckily she's able to
blast the carpet from the inside and explode it which
looks a bit painful but is survivable
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